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Korean Journal of Neuromuscular Disorders 10 (2), 2018
Neurolymphomatosis of Peripheral Nervous System
Joong-Yang Cho, MD, PhD
Korean Journal of Neuromuscular Disorders 2018 13 - 16
Autonomic Dysfunctions in Multiple System Atrophy
Jae Jung Lee, MD, Joong-Yang Cho, MD, PhD
Korean Journal of Neuromuscular Disorders 2018 17 - 21
Clinical Features, Radiological Findings, and Prognosis of Bell's Palsy with Early Deterioration
Jong Gyu Baek, MD, Dong Kuck Lee, MD, Jung Im Seok, MD
Korean Journal of Neuromuscular Disorders 2018 22 - 26
Clinical and Electrophysiological Features of Sporadic Lower Motor Neuron Disease
Sung Joo Park, MD, Joong Goo Kim, MD, Jung Hwan Oh, MD, Sa-Yoon Kang, MD
Korean Journal of Neuromuscular Disorders 2018 27 - 31
Posterior Tibial Somatosensory Evoked Potential as a Prognostic Factor in Spinal Cord Decompression Sickness
Seung-Hyun Lee, MD1, Jee-Eun Kim, MD, PhD1, Hee-Tae Kim, MD, PhD2, Jin-Young Ahn, MD, PhD1
Korean Journal of Neuromuscular Disorders 2018 32 - 36
A Case of Septo-Optic Dysplasia with Family History
Geum-Bong Lee, MD1, Ji Sun Kim, MD1, Won Yeol Ryu, MD, PhD2, Sae Mi Lee, MD2, Won-Gu Lee, MD3, Jong Kuk Kim, MD, PhD1, Byeol A Yoon, MD1
Korean Journal of Neuromuscular Disorders 2018 37 - 40
Lewis-Sumner Syndrome; Extensive Cranial and Cervical Root Involvement on MR Imaging
Sun-Young Kim, MD1, Ha Young Shin, MD2
Korean Journal of Neuromuscular Disorders 2018 41 - 44
Detection of Atrial Flutter and Anti-Centromere Antibody in a Patient with Dysferlinopathy
Sung-Yeon Sohn, MD1, Seok-Jin Choi, MD2, Je-Young Shin, MD3, Sung Hye Park, MD4, Jung-Joon Sung, MD3
Korean Journal of Neuromuscular Disorders 2018 45 - 49
Brief Communication
Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome Associated with Sjögren's Syndrome
Hwajeong Lee, MD1, Jung A Park, MD2, Jung Im Seok, MD2
Korean Journal of Neuromuscular Disorders 2018 50 - 52

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